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Getting Started

Green Bay Packers barIf this is your visit to teambarfinder.com, this “getting started” section will help you understand and navigate our immense database. This is where you can learn exactly how to harness the power of our knowledge and find bars and restaurants showing your favorite team’s game, surrounded by like minded fans.

Right off the bat, you probably need to know what we define as a “Team Bar”. In contrast to a sports bar (where every game being played at a particular moment can be viewed), we define a “Team Bar” as a place where only the hometown team’s game is being aired while that team is playing. The result: The chance to watch your favorite team’s games while surrounded only by fellow fans of your favorite team. This atmosphere creates that back-home feel so many of us miss. If you want more clarification, we would encourage you to check out the what is a team bar blog post.

So how do you locate a team bar on teambarfinder.com? It is quite simple and you just need to follow a few simple steps.

1. Select the region where you would like to watch the game – At the top left, you will see a pull down menu that lists countries and within each country, major metropolitan areas. Select the city where you would like to watch the game and that map will come up with all the team bars within that region. You can see an example of a small selection of team bars in New York City below.

NYC Team Bars Screenshot

2. Select your team – You may see the logo for the particular team you are looking for appears on the map. If your team appears on the map, the logo indicates the exact location of that bar that is affiliated with that team. Clicking on the logo will bring up some quick facts about the bar including the name, address, phone number and website. You now know that that particular bar is affiliated with that particular team and you can expect during game time for it to be filled with fans of that team. Click on that listing to gain more insight on the bar which may include their social media contacts, photos of the bar, any drink or food specials they might offer, and most importantly, a way to get driving directions to that location.

Once you have gleaned all the information you need for the team bar of your choice, grab your jersey and hat and get ready to join the other fans of your team for the game at the bar. Keep in mind, the bar and restaurant business is a volatile business that is rapidly changing. Many times bars and restaurants will go out of business and will be closed without notice to us at Team Bar Finder. We highly encourage anyone who locates a team bar on TeamBarFinder.com to first contact that location either by phone or email to confirm that in fact it is a team bar and they will be showing the game of your preference. We do our best to keep our database up to date but there are times when bars close permanently or switch affiliations. We would encourage anyone that finds an error and a bar has closed or is no longer hosting a particular team’s fans, to please inform us by using the Contact Us page.

3. If you do not see your team’s logo come up first, there still might be a team bar in your location – Some team bars have multiple affiliations and welcome fans of different teams. Just because the logo for one team comes up first (because they are in alphabetical order) does not mean your team does not have a team bar in that location.

Example: In New York City, Mercury Bar East is home to Detroit Lions fans and Michigan State fans. When searching in New York, the Detroit Lions logo comes up first because D comes before M in the alphabet. But on Saturdays in the fall, Mercury Bar East is packed with green and white and fans of Sparty are in full force. Sundays, expect to see tons of Lions fans decked out in jerseys all celebrating each touchdown with other Lions fans.

The way you determine if your team has a bar in your selected area, you can find out one of two ways: Search or Menus.

Sticking with the NYC example, use the search bar at the top to put in “Michigan State”. Hit enter and the result will show all the team bars in that area for that particular team. Sticking with the previous example, Mercury Bar East shows they are home to Michigan State fans.

NYC Michigan State Screenshot

When selecting a city, particularly a large city like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc., you may see blue dots with numbers in them. An example using Chicago can be seen below.


These blue numbered dots indicated a “cluster” of bars in very close proximity to each other. In some cases, these team bars are a few blocks from each other or could be right next door. Simply click into the cluster to get a closer view of the neighborhood and to see which teams those team bars affiliate with the most.

The menu bar at the top is also a powerful tool to help locate your team’s bar.

Boston Red Sox Bar Los Angeles

As you can see in the example above, if you were searching in the Los Angeles area for a team bar to watch the Boston Red Sox game with other Red Sox fans, you would select the city, (in this case Los Angeles), select the sport (MLB) then the league or conference (American League), division, (American League East) and then your team (Boston Red Sox). It is very simple and quick with a few moves of your mouse. You don’t need to click on each selection. Just hover your mouse pointer over the selection and move it until you get to the exact team you are looking for. Once over your team, click on it and it will open the map to display the team bars in that particular region that are affiliated with your team selection.

4. All-in-One Map – Our All-in-One map is a powerful tool to also help you locate your team’s bar anywhere in the world. For this example we will stay focused on the United States but understand the All-in-One map works well for all nations in the world.

Team bars across the USA

As you can see in the above image, there are hundreds of team bars all across the United States. In order to pinpoint the teams you are interested in, use the selector check boxes to click on the exact sport, league, division or team you are interested in. The example below shows all the team bars welcoming of the Arizona State University Sun Devils fans.

Arizona State Bars United States

You will notice in the above image, there appears the Alabama logo around the Philadelphia area. That is because Tavern on Broad welcomes in fans of numerous teams including: Alabama, Arizona State, Connecticut, Florida State, Georgetown, Indiana, Kentucky, Purdue, Syracuse, Villanova and Virginia Tech. We can only show one logo per bar and because AL in Alabama comes before AR in Arizona, the Alabama logo will show by default. If you are searching for a particular team and see other team’s logos in your sort results, it simply means that bar also hosts other teams and the team logo displayed probably comes earlier in the alphabet.

Florida Gators Bar NYCSometimes you may not get any results for a team in a particular area or region. It means there might not be any bars in that area that host those particular fans. It also could mean there is a team bar in that region but we just don’t know about it yet. Bars are constantly opening and adding new teams to the list of those fans they welcome. We diligently keep our database up to date but there are times we may may miss a few or may not know of a particular team bar. If that is the case and you know of a particular team bar, we highly encourage you to use the Submit a Team Bar function and share your knowledge.

Just as much as new bars and restaurants are opening, many bars do close as well. We highly encourage that if you are visiting a team bar for the first time, to contact them and ensure they are still open, are showing your team’s game with sound, etc. We want to save you an unnecessary trip to a bar that could have possibly shuttered their doors months ago and we have not been alerted to their closing. If you see a bar on Team Bar Finder that is now closed, we highly encourage you to Contact Us and let us know so we can eliminate that bar from our database.

Lastly, we get contacted frequently asking why bars included are only for out of town fans, i.e. displaced fans. Many questions we get pertain to listing a bar, for example, in Chicago as an official Chicago Blackhawks bar or a Pittsburgh bar being a Steelers bar. It is safe to assume that all sports bars in the local market are going to be showing that team’s game and the place will be packed with other like-minded fans all rooting for the home team.

Team Bar Finder is designed to help those fans that are currently living out of their favorite team’s media market or happen to be traveling and are away from their home market. Team Bar Finder makes it easier for fans to connect with fans of the same team even if they are hundreds or thousands of miles away from their favorite team’s home city. That is the main reason Team Bar Finder includes bars that are out of market but welcome out of market fans of a particular team.

Hopefully we covered how to use Team Bar Finder and you are well on your way to discovering team bars in your area or when you travel. There is nothing like rooting on your team in a bar filled with other fans of the same team. We at Team Bar Finder want fans to have the best experience whether they are close to their home team or half way across the globe.