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At Team Bar Finder, we believe sharing information like where to locate team bars should be free. Team Bar Finder is a free resource but we do have operating costs like web hosting costs, maintenance, search engine optimization, researching and expanding the database, etc. We want to continue to help you find team bars for free. Donations are encouraged to offset the
costs of running and maintaining this website and will ensure this website will remain free.

In addition to maintaining Team Bar Finder on the web as a free resource, we want to take Team Bar Finder mobile. Making Team Bar Finder a mobile app for both iOS and Android will help sports fans on the go find a bar showing their team’s game filled with other like-minded fans. Donating can help offset development costs and ensure the mobile app will be the best out there.

Lastly, we believe that we should also give back to our community. That is why we have chosen to donate 20% of all donations to charity. We have chosen SIDS Raffle as our charity which benefits the SIDS Network of Ohio.

Each year, thousands of families experience the utter devastation and heartbreak of losing their precious baby to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Without warning, SIDS can strike seemingly healthy infants with no regard to race, gender or socioeconomic boundaries. This silent killer claims the lives of more babies than cystic fibrosis, childhood heart disease, childhood cancer, and child abuse combined. We are happy and proud to have chosen SIDS Raffle as our charity of choice.

Thank you for your donation. Any amount helps and will help offset operating costs associated with running and expanding Team Bar Finder.